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Allison is a college student navigating the bustling metropolis known as Chicago. She is studying Journalism and one day hopes to be an investigative reporter or an international reporter. And take over for Barbara Walters when she finally wants to take a nice vacation from the broadcast world.

Allison is passionate about community service, social justice and activism and is currently living in a house called the Vincent and Louise House that focuses on these issues. Allison has received a full housing scholarship to live here with nine other residents in exchange for 6 hours of community service a week. Additionally, she must abide by the house tenets created by her house members, attend Sunday Night Mass every week where she is the Hospitality Coordinator and cook dinner once a week for the community.

In Allison’s free time she loves to write, cannot live without a book in hand, loves and is inspired by music and art. She is also a fantastic treasure hunter at thrift stores around the city and will help you snag a deal or two. Allison loves all things vintage, especially old bikes and photographs. She loves to travel and one day hopes to land on every continent and make it to every state in the U.S.


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