A Culture of Violence

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February 10, 2013 by theappress.wordpress.com

It seems like lately you can’t turn on the t.v., read the news or listen to the radio without hearing some story of a shooting at yet another school or public building. Heck, you can’t even watch a 30 minutes of t.v. or a movie without some sort of unnecessary violence being acted out across the screen (unless you’re watching Dora, Sesame St. or any other kid’s show).

Violence is everywhere, it’s on t.v., in the movies, happening in our own backyards, laced into the music dominating the Top 20 charts and of course even still advertising.

I’m sure many have heard that New York Fashion Week is currently in swing, even with winter storm Nemo battering the east coast. So when I stumbled across a new advertisement for New Zealand boutique, Superette, depicting violent scenes in their ad campaign, my first reaction was, “Enough is enough.” In the past couple of years I’ve wondered what these designers, represented at Fashion Week, were thinking when picking these photos for their advertisements. Haven’t we been plagued by enough violence lately? What good is it to see this constantly reverberated through all forms of media?

While it angers and upsets me, I’ll let you decide for yourself what you’re opinion is. So here are some of the most talked about ads in the last few years and some new ones stirring much debate. Will our culture change from it’s current obsession with violence? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But the bottom line is it isn’t helping anyone or anything.


Company: Superette, an Auckland, New Zealand boutique. Tagline: “Be caught dead in it” -Supposed to be a recreation from scenes in the movie “The Virgin Suicides

Again, inspired by “The Virgin Suicides.”

Calvin Klein, 2006. Because gang rape is always sexy, right?

Kate Spade. Mmhmm…That’s what she gets for calling those little nubs heels.

Duncan Quinn, ad for men’s suits. Bringing style to murder since 2008.

Australian designer Sarti. At least he was suited up at his death.

Gents ad campaign, 2012-2013 Fall/Winter.

And another from the same ad camp

Rich 2013 Spring/Summer ad. Because everyone boxes suited up.

Suddenly the suit is gone…


Versace Spring/Summer 2013. This year’s campaign a solute to bride-snatching.

Hey what’s that rope for?!


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