What I Wish Was Socially Acceptable


January 24, 2013 by theappress.wordpress.com

Though we’ve made a lot of progress throughout history and certainly have a lot more freedom to show our individualism, there are still some things, serious and non-serious that I wish were a bit more socially acceptable like…

Gay Marriage

(Lookin’ at every state that isn’t ME, MD, MA, CT, IA, VT, NH, NY, and WA)

Being a Vagabond for life

For college students to look put together in class

(Rockin’ it)

For tattoos to be shown loud and proud

They get it

To have a pet squirrel

This will overload your heart with adorableness

A soldier and his squirrel

Having colorful hair

(You have to admit it looks fun)

To make everyone partake in service

and help your neighbor instead of just yourself

To not have to have a big house, fancy car, etc. etc…

More stuff leaves less room for life

To be both a lady and a lady in power

To keep a landline mainly for this purpose

They don’t need a cell phone until high school anyway

…And to not have cable so you won’t be subjected to this years from now

For women to still dress like this

Big hat and all

To never lose a child-like sense of wonder

playfulness is important too

To accept the fact we all make mistakes, big and small

we’re human, that’s what we do

To accept all colors, cultures, religions and more


One thought on “What I Wish Was Socially Acceptable

  1. emmawolf says:

    The Dora one made me laugh!

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