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November 6, 2012 by theappress.wordpress.com

Yes I started a new blog. No, I wouldn’t be lying saying I stopped writing on the other because I hated the name. Not only that, but it was easy to stray away from writing (unfortunately) once things became more hectic. Sometimes you need a clean slate so here’s mine, a brand new blog with a name I like and that is equal parts professional and equal parts a reflection of me. Enjoy. All my old posts were put on here, I’ll keep the links up to the old blog but I may shut it down in a few months.

Things have been incredibly hectic lately but now that the workload is going down before break I know I’ll have more time to write. Last night we had a graduate student at Northwestern come to the house to  do a story on us and what we do. While interviewing me she asked, “How have you grown so far in the house?”

What immediately came into my mind was “Woman, I’ve only been living here for 2.5 months, that’s not that long.” But when I really thought about it, I know I have grown so far. Being in such a supportive community has allowed me to be myself with others and gain confidence in who I am, no matter how crazy, weird, happy, angry, or emotional I get. I’ve learned that people will love you no matter what if they truly care, and if they don’t love you for being you then they aren’t worth your time.

Another lesson I’ve learned thus far is the basic skill of communication. It doesn’t sound that hard to just go up to someone’s room, plop down on their bed and start chatting, but sometimes it really can be a challenge. How do you know that person is in a good enough mood to chat? Are they busy? What if it’s awkward. I’ve learned that no matter what, you have to keep that communication open and check in on others and let them check in on you. With communication comes responsibility. It’s up to you to decide to ask those questions of how someone acts when they’re stressed, if they want to talk or not right away when they come home upset, even if they want to be taken care of when they’re sick. All these things seem so basic, but I never would have really though about it had I not been living in the house. This is something I will definitely keep in mind for the future if I am every living in another community or even with different roommates next year.


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