A New Beginning

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November 5, 2012 by theappress.wordpress.com

Seeing as this is the first of many blog posts that I will haphazardly be explaining, describing, proclaiming about, venting about, and opening up about the events and occurrences that will follow me throughout this year, I’ll go over the logistics and explain a few things.

This year I am a member of the Vincent & Louise House, also known as the V&L House. So just what the heck does that mean? Well, readers, this means that I have decided to commit to a year of living in an intentional community, meaning that I will be living with nine other students in this house, all of whom (myself included) have made a conscious decision to dedicate this year to serving others, exploring our faith and spirituality, and learning to live and communicate with others on a deeper level. Each one of us will choose a service site for the year and help at our campus Soup Kitchen so that we maintain at least 6 hours of community service a week. Additionally, each member of the house will serve dinner in the first floor of our beautiful townhouse to the public once a week. Anyone who walks through our doors is welcome to dinner, and there can be anywhere from 5 people coming to share a meal to 30.

I’m hoping that you’ll keep up with me throughout this crazy journey I am about to embark on, one that will come with a deeper understanding of myself, quench the thirst for helping others in my life, a journey that will both lift my heart with joy and break it with the struggles that I will face. Don’t worry, I should have no problem keeping it entertaining.


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